Project Name: Consultancy Service of Soil Investigation for Construction Of Check Dams In 4 (Four) PUP Districts (Paschim Medinipur, Bankura, Purulia & Birbhum) Under WBADMIP

Work Description: Carrying out geotechnical investigation at proposed check dam axis and on the bank locations for fifty-nine (59) locations.

Fargo Consultants Check Dam
Fargo Consultants Dhubri


Project Name: Proposed Two/four lane bridges including approaches over river Brahmaputra between Dhubri on north bank and Phulbari on south bank in the state of Assam / Meghalaya on NH-172B (length-20Km)

Work Description: Hydrographic survey was carried out at twenty three cross-section locations over a stretch of 20km (15 km upstream and 5km downstream of proposed bridge location). Cross-section was extended on each bank to an elevation of HFL+0.5m. Average length of each cross section was 18.5km. Sixteen control points were establishment using Dual Frequency Differential GPS (DGPS). Fifty four pillars were erected at site for carrying out traversing and leveling for the road/bridge alignment. Length of road alignment surveyed was 19.4km.


Project Name: Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPRs) for Development of Nine Coastal Jetties in Goa

Work Description: Geotechnical investigation was carried out by sinking fifty four (54) boreholes to a maximum depth of 30m for the nine (9) proposed jetty locations. Twenty seven (27) boreholes in land locations and twenty seven (27) boreholes in underwater locations were completed at the proposed locations. Topographical survey at the nine (9) locations was carried out, using DGPS and electronic total station, for a total area of nine (9) hectares. A total of ninety (90) line-km of bathymetric survey was also carried out at these locations. Velocity and direction measurement using ADCP was also carried out at two locations for 72 hours.

Fargo Consultants Goa
Fargo Consultants IOCL

IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation)

Project Name: Topographical Survey & Soil Investigation Works for Dumad, Songarh, Manmad, Ahmednagar and different locations at HDD Crossing Locations of Koyali Ahmednagar Solapur Pipeline Project

Work Description: Carrying out topographical survey and soil investigation for four (4) Pump Station locations and forty three (43) locations where the proposed pipeline crosses river, canal and roads. Total length of the pipeline is approximately 400km stretching from Koyali in Gujarat to Ahmednagar in Maharastra.


Project Name: Four Lanning of NH-37 form Rangagara To Kaliabor Tiniali (Ch: 297.000Km to Ch: 315.315 Km of NH-37) in Nagaon District in The State of Assam Under SARDP-NE, Phase A

Work Description: Topographical survey along with establishing vertical and horizontal control points for the 18km proposed alignment was completed. Geotechnical investigation was carried out at two (2) minor bridge locations and one (1) grade separator interchange. A total of twenty three (23) boreholes were sunk to a maximum depth of 40 metres below existing ground level.

Fargo Consultants Kalibor
Fargo Consultants Rites


Project Name: Construction of flyovers across Serabhati intersection between Ulubari - Atgaon Road and Nepali Mandir - Arya College Road and at the Super Market intersection between Paltan Bazar-Khanapar Road and Last Gate - Super Market Road in Guwahati in the State of Assam

Work Description: Carrying out soil investigation by sinking six (6) boreholes to a maximum depth of 35m at each of the proposed flyover locations.